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Healthy. Simple. Fast. Friendly Food.

KOYA Penticton

A LIGHT IN THE DESERT – “I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 46:19

Our Mission

We aspire to give many people a chance to grow, and to develop the growth of each person to support the development of our community and society.

Our motto is “Genki (=energy),” “Kando (=impression)” and “Tsunagari (=connection.)”

By growing, we believe we can bring energy, move people’s hearts, and deepen the connection among the people we meet, including customers and people we deal with in business.

Corporate Philosophy

Appreciate the growth and evolution of our employees.

Create love and touch people’s hearts.

KOYA's Concept

  • Healthy
  • Simple
  • Fast

Management Philosophy

Win with our “systems,” and achieve victory with our people.

We hope people who want to understand and implement the company’s philosophy and motto under KOJO’s “system” will grow individually and succeed as a team. Our goal is to succeed as a team, not just as individuals.

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